June 8, 2021

Is Antvirus Really Necessary

Hey everyone. I up until around 2013 i was exclusively a Windows user but the job I had at the time as a Sysadmin required me to get a Mac and I’ve loved using Mac’s ever since. I didnt have to worry about virus’s on Mac and it just worked wonderfully. Recently I got a PC and have been trying to get aquinted with Windows again. In the past when i was building a windows machine literally the second thing I would install is a copy of Symantec antvirus. I couldnt/wouldnt trust a Windows machine without an Antirvius on it. So when I got this PC i was a little surprised to read online that some people were saying that the built in Window defender was pretty good and that paying for another Antivirus was a waste of money. I will admit i do download stuff off BitTorrent and so I need to make sure that my system is protected against antivirus. What is everyone’s opinion on this? Is Windows Defender a good antivirus app or should I be looking at another application and if so what does everyone recommend ? For me cost isnt important, system performance is . Thats one thing i hated about Symantec endpoint protection was it slowed the shit out of my machine.

Appreciate everyone’s suggestions/comments. Cheers!

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