July 10, 2021

Is CompTIA testing better at home or is it worth it to drive to a test center?

I was denied time off by my supervisor who keeps grilling me on why I need time off. I don’t think it’s his business why. I’m now not allowed to take the test during the week so I’m looking for weekend tests for CompTIA but I can’t find a single center that has any availability near me with any option to test on a Saturday. I want to push back my test within two months but I can’t find a single thing six months out! Did everyone decide to go get their certs done? I’m due to test soon but of course since I can’t go I have to change my test date and test center.

I’m looking at DevNet for Cisco and they still have the remote testing option available. I’m not 100% sure about the certification but I’m trying to learn more about automation, coding in Python, and just software and malware. I’m currently struggling to find a way to take my CompTIA test and want to make sure that I don’t cancel my testing center scheduled test only to find I can’t change it to a remote test. I did not expect things at work to get this bad and the stress is having a terrible effect on my health. I found two more that offer remote tests but I have only tested in a center and pretty much disliked the whole process.



This isn’t the place to ask but it can be hit or miss. You get good proctors or idiots. One dude made me open up my task manager to see what was running which closed out the exam and I had to log back in lol

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