January 22, 2021

Is DLP really a skill set?

What are people’s thoughts on data loss prevention? Specifically, for me contemplating a role change. I feel I don’t really have an ITsec skill. If you can read, and you are a moral person, you can do my job, I feel.

I read emails manually, making sure sensitive info is going to the correct recipient. If I have a concern, I email someone to check it out.

I inspect files uploaded to the cloud after sensitive info is detected, and quarantine said document. If users ask why their file was quarantined, I educate them about IT sec policies.

I’m extremely grateful for my job. But, if I were to lose it, what the hell can I put on a resume? I have SEC+, ok, great. This isn’t a skill set, change my mind. Maybe it will cheer me up. But I’m looking to head to a SOC position to learn about real/potential threats, to use more security tools in the industry.

I feel the world of skill building is passing me by while I read. We all know you have to keep learning new things in IT. Being stagnant in my position isn’t progress, in my mind.

I’d appreciate any mentorship, or career guidance. I’ve spoken to my manager, and he’s on board with heading over to the SOC some time, based on my interests.

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