July 10, 2021

Is increase in ransomware attack coverage organic?

I’ll try not to get too far out, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not. Put what you think down in the comments, but I’ll elaborate my point of view a bit more.

Seems like right after the pandemic, we started hearing more about ransoms ware attacks, specifically because the gas pipeline. Afterwards there seems to have been a fixation on it by the media, warning about supply-chain attacks generally.

I believe ransomware has happened in the past, or in other words, it’s not a new issue. But I’m sure the FBI/CIA/etc has done a good job handling issues like this in the past. Why is this being pushed in the news so much nowadays? I’m sure our gov agencies have sophisticated enough equipment to be a formidable threat to any attackers. Why is this Cyber-Scare™ being pushed to the general public now of all times when we’re vulnerable and still recovering from the pandemic?

Again, most of this is speculative, but I imagine most cybersecurity veterans here remember many instances of cyberattacks that were either covered up or dealt with quickly by the authorities. Then again, maybe I’m wrong? What’s the reason this is happening?



It doesn’t appear organic so much, in my opinion…


> I’m sure our gov agencies have sophisticated enough equipment to be a formidable threat to any attackers.

Funny joke! Hilarious! I say this as someone who is mid-disclosure with several government agencies for hilariously preventable issues! Issues that are more or less solved for anyone using software developed after 2008!

Ransomware is not new, but ransomware operators now literally operate affiliate programs to distribute ransomware more effectively. The increase in attacks and ransoms was fully forecasted. Fully organic too. It’s easy to publicize and major media outlets can jump on it readily, so the general populace might’ve been caught off guard, but industry veterans have known that it’s only getting worse for a long time.

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