July 17, 2021

Is it safe to assume less employers will require a Bachelor’s degree in the near future?

I (22 M) just recently got an AS in Cybersecurity. I was able to get A+ and PenTest+ knocked out, and will have Sec+ and CySA+ within a few months.

I enrolled in classes at a university for their cyber program, but now I’m seeing different priorities for myself. I want so start working in IT now rather than later to gain experience, but doing so would delay my Bachelor’s. At this moment in my life, I don’t think I’d do work full-time and full-time school. I’m eyeing work full-time and take 1 or 2 classes while also learning on my own time.

The main thing that’s holding me back is the popular consensus and my parent’s thoughts that I should focus on my degree, since many HR’s make decisions based on that. I’ve also seen many positions that require a Bachelor’s.

What I’m asking is “Is the field trending towards not requiring degrees, or will it stay the same?”



Just do the cheapest online degree. Western Governors is solid. Employers want the box checked, but employers in IT and Cyber aren’t picky. Quality of school doesn’t play a large factor like it does in engineering, law, medicine etc.

Most employers pay for some schooling, so you can work full time and get your bachelors subsidized.


The most important thing is having experience, jobs and internships. I have so many friends struggling to find jobs even though they have a bachelors and masters in CS/Cyber Security. Nothing will beat real life experience.

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