July 19, 2021

Is it true that there is no work life balance in cyber security?

This is one thing that admittedly kinda scares me. Is it true that there is absolutely no work life balance in cyber security, or is it largely a myth?

Personally in my limited understanding, I feel it is true because an attack can happen literally anytime. This means you need to be on standby for when such an attack occurs. Its just the nature of cyber security.

Compare this to other jobs such as software developers, where there really isnt any sort of urgency (excluding project deadline etc since this happens in all jobs). From this perspective, software developers have really good work life balance vs cyber security

Just another extra question ive been wanting to ask – when people say you need continuous learning in cyber security, just how much is it? Every 6 months? Less or more?


1. Is there work life balance in cyber security?
2. Continuous learning in cyber security – how big is it? every 6 months or so?



From my understanding there are teams of people who are on call if an attack were to happen. So if you were on call this weekend and an attack happened you’d get called in to defend it, but next weekend another team of people would be on call.

It really depends on what exactly you’re doing in cyber, and how big the company is I guess.

For continuous learning I think it’s more or less that you need to know new technologies as they come and it isnt like “YOU NEED TO ONOW THIS ASAP OR YOURE FIRED!” Its more learn as you go I think.

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