June 10, 2021

Is parrot os home edition good for learning cybersec as well as being a daily driver or should I install the security edition?


I am a bit knowledgeable about linux and programming, etc. I want to start learning cybersec, thought about installing kali linux but people said that it’s not a good idea to use it as a daily driver, I then learnt about parrot os and I want to ask, will installing the home edition be good for learning security as well as being a daily driver or should I install parrot security or even kali and using them with a normal user and use sudo for admin tasks?

Thanks in advance.



If you’re going to use Linux, use it for learning Linux. Security isn’t limited to an OS. To learn security you’re going to need to under networking, system administration, and basic operating systems. You’ll need to understand what LSASS is, what happens at boot time, and various system level execution. Linux won’t teach you that.

This isn’t to say Linux isn’t worth learning, but downloading a security focused Linux OS won’t teach you much. Use it to learn Linux.

As with anything it depends on you and how you learn. I learned Linux by installing and configuring Arch as my home OS for 7 years. It gave me a comfort at command line, and helped me learn troubleshooting, because Arch isn’t perfect. But it didn’t teach me anything about Windows.

I recommend learning Linux. Ubuntu is also fine for this purpose, but it won’t force you into the command line.

Any Linux can be your “daily driver”. It just depends on.

A) what you need from the machine. Gaming on Linux is a little limited, but better than it was.

B) how much effort you’re willing to put forth to make up for the limitations of your choice.

As an example I use FreeBSD today, and have a Windows VM to RDP to whenever I need Windows. I also don’t game anymore.

The OS is just a tool to do a job. Installing a security OS won’t teach you how to analyze logs, run forensics, or test code. It may have tools to do that, or there may be tools you can install. Focus less on the OS, and more on what you want to learn. That’s my opinion.

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