January 25, 2021

Is remote printing of “Payroll” a security risk

I have the following scenario with one of our clients and I’m wondering what the channel thinks with regards to what level of a security risk it is.

Member of HR has just tested positive for covid-19.
She has to run payroll today. She will be using SSL VPN to RDP into her office computer. She took home an office printer print out the payroll at home.

My question is do you see it as a security risk for her to print payroll docs remotely (at home), with a printer connected to her home computer?



Well, depends on how imp is the payroll data ..


Can’t the pay roll be printed to a file in her office computer ..And actual physical printing be done once she is back in office ..


If you have to ask of course it is. Everything is a security risk. The bigger question is if you accept the risk.

What control do you have over her personal computer at home? Does it at least have AV installed? That machine may be owned 10 ways to Sunday, you have no idea, personally I would treat all data that touches a home computer, not under IT control, as compromised.
If she is RDPing into her office computer why can’t she just print to a printer in the office? And then have a trusted person in the office pick up the printouts?

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