January 5, 2021

Is… someone siphoning my internet? 900mbps suddenly dropped to 4mbps. ISP is stumped. More info below, please help, Im not crazy!

I have CenturyLink fiber internet in the pacific northwest, installed about 9 months ago in my private home. I was averaging around 950mbps, with about half that up^ speed. Out of nowhere, one day we slow to a crawl, lucky to get 4mbps. Then is it fluctuates, sometimes the speed test says 20mbps, then 100mbps, then 1.5mbps. YET, up^ speeds are still soaring, sometimes up to 900mbps, all the while down speeds are a trickle.

I call centurylink, the guy runs several diagnostics tests, claims there should be absolutely nothing wrong. He sends a tech out. The tech inspects the newly installed line, replaces the modem, replaces the ONT, runs fresh cat6 cables. SAME DEAL. We’re testing with ethernet connection. Its worse with wifi. He keeps asking “are you sure you aren’t running a VPN?” Well… considering I barely know what a VPN is, and im pretty sure that no, I’m not using one. He scratches his head and leaves. I call tech support back, same deal. “Everything’s fine”, and “Are you sure you aren’t using a VPN? This sounds like a VPN.”

On top of that, recently when I google something in chrome, it prompts me with a captcha and says there’s been suspicious activity…

So, is there some way someone else set up a VPN? Is someone “stealing” my internet? Im afraid I’m not knowledgeable enough to know where to look, or generally what is going on here.

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