April 23, 2021

Is someone spying on my device?

I sometimes get paranoid that this someone is spying on my laptop. They never had access to any of my devices so we’re talking remotely, via email or WhatsApp, having installed spyware remotely. They send memes, videos, links to regular websites, word documents/pdfs and once sent an ebook. No attachment has ever caused problems on my laptop, slowed it down, generated pop-ups etc. Laptop (Mac) works just fine. I have two antiviruses installed and nothing was ever detected.

So is there any spyware that can infect a Mac through WhatsApp and goes by undetected, and how do I check for it? I try to keep track of my Recent Items but the more careful I try to be, the more I seem to forget and/or imagine I’m seeing weird stuff going on. To contribute to this (perhaps largely irrational) fear of mine, I had a particular document (Pages) which would have been of interest to this person, in which large chunks of text changed font colour from black to red overnight. When I checked the “Browse versions” to check for the time when it was changed, the change only showed up starting from around the time I noticed it (so at a time when I know I was using the laptop and had the document open, but it wasn’t me who changed the colour). It is however possible to delete previous versions from the “Browse versions” feature. What could have happened there?

Also, would it be on my hardware device or can it just exist on my WhatsApp app? If I sound paranoid and clueless it’s because I am.

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