January 19, 2021

Is there a cyberattack happening now?

So recently it’s become evident that Americans (seemingly en masse) have been receiving spam phone calls about a “limited car warranty” or an “expiring car warranty” for their vehicle. This normally wouldn’t be concerning, spam calls happen. No big deal. I receive the calls and so does literally everyone around me. I thought it was no big deal at first. Except that the calls occur daily, sometimes multiple times. And the calls almost always come from the same automated voice and from a phone number with the same area code as the receiver. Additionally, these calls are being received by so many Americans (I mean potentially millions, if not more) that it’s become a trend on social media platforms, there are many viral videos parodying the calls on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc. So evidently, these calls have a WIDE (nationwide) impact. At such a large scale, with caller accuracy, and daily recurrence, it seems rather dubious to me. Possibly data theft? The same automated voice, asking about the same topic “limited/expired car warranty”, from the same area code as the receiver, affecting who-knows-how-many Americans, on a literal daily basis…hm. I’m no cybersecurity professional. What do you think? Is it a cyber attack or no? And why?

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