April 9, 2021

Is there a way to sort of “reset” my online identity overall? (Recently affected by ID theft)

(If this is wrong sub, let me know and please point me in right direction)

I feel overwhelmed. Recently, in a span of 2 days, my wife’s debit card was hacked (she had it on her yet it was used across the state) and then I was informed by my work that someone tried to file for unemployment using my name. I’m right in the middle of buying a house so any credit hits are going to mess me up.

There’s just SO MUCH out there now. Documents containing personal info, mortgage application info and such, getting sent back and forth across 4+ emails, you have to create a fucking account for every god damn thing you do these days, even on video games, apps, fuckin wallpaper apps want access to your debit account info for in app purchases, your email is linked to your paypal and 15 other cash apps which are all linked to your bank, the fuckin state DMV sells your personal info to advertisers and shit, every single thing you click on wants to either sell you something or sell your info so someone else can sell you something, and now ALLLL your email and other stuff is just floating around in some black market deep web shit somewhere.

I want a reset. Is there a way to just wipe all this shit out and start with a clean slate? Then i can just…not participate in anything anymore I guess. EVERY damn thing you want to do requires you to voluntarily allow your info to be sold, which makes you no money even though you’re paying for the service. You’re basically paying to let other people make money off you. I want to be rid of it.

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