January 4, 2021

IT security measures for a “work from home” small business


I work for a small business where the four staff work from their own homes. We use GSuite and Norton and use our own personal laptops/PCs/mobile phones.

We’re increasingly worried about security though.

What sort of measures should we be rolling in? For example, should we be using a remote access environment such as Office 365 – what are the advantages? Should we be encrypting our emails and stored data including sensitive documents on our devices – and what’s the best way to regularly back up everything? Are we using the right anti-virus software and how often should we be scanning our laptops and phones? I would really love a checklist that we can work through.

And can we implement these measures ourselves or should we outsource the work to an IT support service? For example, we wouldn’t know which VPN would be the best one to install.

Thanks in advance!



I would recommend hiring a professional to assess your environment and make/implement recommendations from there.



Without knowing your industry, if your data were.to be compromise, what would the damage be? If an employee wanted to take Intelectual Property and run, or decides to quit and keeps your data what is the liability?

When you say everyone is using norton, are those personal paid subscriptions?

IMHO, Office 365 with Proofpoint for your mail is the way to go.

Now since you are using your own computers, are they all Windows 10?


I would suggest setting up an AD for your staff, registering for a custom business email domain, then implement DLP solution, enforce policies on those login and email accounts for monitoring and visibility on possible critical data leakage.

Many other solutions to implement, e.g. network monitoring, VPN, etc etc

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