August 26, 2021

Junior level engineer | A few opportunities and not sure what to do

Hello guys, I just wanted to ask a quick career based question. I have a few potential offers coming my way and I wanted to be able to make my best decision possible.

Opportunity A.) Soc Analyst- Citibank. Location: NYC (would have to relocate). Not sure how much the offer would be or what’s competitive for the area so maybe you guys can help me with this, but I would have to also go into the office. The opportunity is solid, have a lot of cool projects to work on and as a part time student it covers some tuition (about $8,000 out of my remaining $15,000).


Opportunity B.) VMware University Propel Program. Rotational program as intern to full time offer. You get to choose 2 teams of your choice. First 6 months you work for 1 team, other 6 months you work for other team, then you have the freedom to choose whichever team you want to join. Reloc to Palo Alto, Boston, or ATL. Offer is usually very high for new grad- but not sure what to expect from this either.

Opportunity C.) Application Security analyst. Series-D funded startup company of 100-200 people (unicorn). Fully remote, pay is 80k a year so presumably lower than the other two but balances out because of remote. Benefits standard. Technologies are pretty standard… nothing fancy- I would definitely have a learning curve here, and my experience with startup culture is a bit rough but I have only ever worked for one.


If you were in my shoes, how would you rank these choices? really in a toss up about what to do here. I am stoked to get three potential opportunities, and if there are any questions I can answer in addition that may help you answer this, ask away.

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