August 29, 2021

Just a heads up, a consumer data dump of 245 Millions Americans from Acuity was leaked

While ago I came across a thread that trading 2020 consumer data dump of 245M Americans belong to some corporation named Acuity. Couldn’t figure out *which* Acuity that was breached so I kept digging and came across the 2019 version that was publicly shared. It’s a mix of everything from addresses, contacts, credit scores, to voter data. The data size and content is similar to Acxiom. All 50 states are on it. Here is the compromised data columns of the dump:

> AddressID IndividualID Surname Given Middle SurnameSFX NamePRFX HouseNumber StreetPreDir StreetName SreetSFX StreetDirection UnitDesgnator UnitDesignatorNumber ST Zip Zip4 County City NumberOfSources DOBY DOBM DOBD Sex Married NumPersons NumOfAdults ChildrenPresent NumberOfChildren Generations ResidenceLength DwellingType 2ndAddrPresent LivingUnitID AreaCode Phone HomeOWNProbability OccupationGroup Occupation BizOwner EthnicCode LangCode InferredHHRank ResidenceLengthCode RDID DNC

Interestingly enough, haven’t seen this made news yet especially with data this size.

Does anybody have more info?

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