April 24, 2021

kaspersky is paid nagware, avoid

Don’t know why Reddit forces capital-letter words in subject.

Kaspersky AV, when you install it, nags you to install their Password Manager (and VPN, or at least it used to).

Then, after you pay and enter the serial#, over a period of weeks, it prompts you with several more upsell/nagware messages, for each of which you need to press the “Don’t ask me again” button manually. These messages cannot be turned off ahead of time in settings, and AFAIK when you save the settings on a “fully tamed” AV after several weeks, they won’t include the turned-off nagware settings.

Now I rebooted my machine and Kaspersky installed an update. It ran an installer and prompted me to install their Password Manager again and to agree to a Data Collection and Marketing agreements that I already rejected when installing it initially.

In the settings it activated two of the controllable nagware prompts, “Install our browser extension” and “Sign in to MyKaspersky”. I can turn these off in the UI before it starts prompting this crap again, but I should not have to – I’ve done it before.

An antivirus should sit in the background and shut up. KAV’s behavior is unsuitable for the older members of my family, or really, any sane person who doesn’t want to be bugged by their antivirus and accidentally answer “yes” to one of their re-activated nagware prompts after an update.

Pity, because their detection engine is excellent. What a waste.

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