October 12, 2017

Larry Wall: Why Perl Is Like a Human Language

Larry Wall: Why Perl Is Like a Human Language

Wall’s background in linguistics helped him to create a programming language that borrows bits from other languages, much like English.


Danny Suls

This is an actual working Perl program. Does it look like a human language to you?

srand;for(0..5){$r[$_]=chr 65+rand 8}sub d{print$/x6;for(0..335)
'O': $_%14==6?'|':(split//,$b[int$_/14])[$_%14]||$"}print"$/Enter
m/[A-Ha-h]{6}/n"}sub c{return if/[^A-H]/||length()-6;@c=split//,
${$f=($b[24-++$w]=uc.$")};$w>21&&return 1;for(-6..35){($p[$h]=1)
[email protected][email protected]=()}while(!c){d|chop($_=uc<>)}d$/;print"$/Looser!$/"

Top 1Percent

This guy talks and looks like a very smart programmer and no doubt he is one. I can feel his thought process by the way he just speaks. Amazing!


It's funny how people who only know germanic languages are considered "linguists".
Perl is a great language, but the whole OOP/GC-movement is slowly turning it into unrecognisable turd.

Karan Brahma

Perl is not natural, or maybe it is as natural as punching a pregnant landy in the face while bouncing on a trampoline simultaneously playing Jenga against an actual time bomb.


this faggot needs a nice long tazing session.

Flip Tube

I have already made up my mind to learn Phyton. But now i hear that Ruby on Rails is a great language especially for beginners as it is simple to write. Also I have a mac so it comes preinstalled in my system. I heard it is not scalable but I am just and enthusiast and want to learn programming for the fun of it.

I am still confused between App dev and web dev, as app dev is the future of Technology, so I hear. But there again, since i have a mac I am inclined to learn Xcode – But I will hold my horse and focus on one thing at a time as – Learning Xcode and objective C may to too overwhelming for a starter.

So perhaps RUBY + HTML + CSS may be my best month for now.

Should I keep a timeline to finish these- What is a typical learning co

TheRatFiles Lance

I've never been overly impressed by PERL. There's nothing (in my experience) that PERL does, any better than C, and in most cases, it does C in a very convoluted way that makes the code larger. I really don't see how he can claim 'it is more of a natural language' if you ever bring up the comparison to C. Maybe it has a strength I've not encountered that C doesn't have possibly, but I have not seen or heard of it by someone who was expert in both that would (without personal interest or preference) talk on the similarities or differences to any extent.

Diego Rodrigues

He only uses this shirt?

Gordon Zar

Perl is the best! I love the context based programming.


only Larry himself know

Acting Without A Cause-Maek

because viking is a language

pankaj kumar

i dont know why? Legends speech always bored :) 


PERL is NOT natural – its extremely mixed-up and strange language when compared to modern object oriented languages (like Java)

Simon James Odell

Perl Rocks!


If you look at the small picture or avatar of this video, the little miniature picture, Larry look a lot like Steve Jobs in his earlier years :)


I never understood why the need to take computer languages more and more toward the human language. Being a programmer means to be technical in the first place, to overcome a technical issue, and to do that you need to understand the technical language better, not the human language better.

So, the only thing that is positive about languages moving more toward the human language is productivity, but it will not boost the technical side of things.

شهاب الدين عرفه

Buddy! Go get a calendar, it's not the 60s anymore xD


i recommend checking out python or ruby, and you might see things differently :P

John McPineapple

But it at least doesn't feel that way.


"like PHP with the clunkyness of C"

php by very nature has the clunkyness of c

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