This cool tool allows biz owners to see all digital activities made on any of the company endpoint devices, Computers, Phones, Car Android, Servers and even smart TV’s.

The company owner can install the software and keep his business data on his own server (also cloud), or purchase pre installed Otograph server safety box.

After Otograph support remotely set up the software and secure data storage, they support in installing each device (5min each), and simply deploy the hidden widgets that begins monitor process.

Information received is mind blowing this tool tracks, records, and sees everything:
Phone calls recording, WhatsApp and VOIP recording,.All emails, All Chats (WhatsApp, signal, Telegram, WeChat, Skype…), Keystroke recorder, web activities, GPS locations, remote activation commands sent to endpoint devices and many other features.

The system creates profiles for each employee and his connections with humans and devices.
Once the system created the employee profile it alerts on any unusual and suspicious activity.
Thus enabling full spectrum security and cyber security like never seen before.

Hacking and randsom demands are quickly detected and blocked.
Company customers information is well secured (GDRP), and no one can copy or send it out data without leaving a digital record.
Employees are protected from bullying and harassment.
Evidence of every activity is recorded, even if deleted on endpoint device.

Now here comes the real cool part, on top of all this data taken text, images, audio and video Otograph provides a B.I interface with in-depth analysis and deep learning of each employee on all devices and the company / team in whole.
The BI, AI includes very advance technologies, for example voice conversations analysis which detects feelings and cognitive of each person in each conversation and general scores.

SEIM SOC, GDPR compliance and fully legal (Do make sure employee contract includes the business rights to monitor devices which are connected to your servers and data.)

Otograph is a service offered by a OTC “WHEN” publicly traded company that if you check the about my page you will find some top intelligence chiefs like the former head of the Israel Mossad and the former president of the German secret service BND, and other very serious security and technology experts.

Otograph ( is new and quietly launched last March,
It costs about 100$ per employee for the yearly plan, and easily installed.

A reasonable one time server setup installation fee is charged,. And you can also order the Otograph truth detector server box.

Otograph states that in order to protect from everything you must see and know everything.
And deliver. With smart alerting system, options to select what to track or not, and advance BI this is a very powerful tool to fully understand and protect your business.

Set up a short demo call on the site, guaranteed you will be blown away.

Otograph is also looking for business partners from different field that provide security service to businesses or individuals (kids protect)

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