We currently use IronScales as a Phishing solution, but by what I can see it’s really only just this as a core competency. With solutions out there (we are looking at TitanHQ), why would someone not just go with a more comprehensive solution such as Defender 365 (email gateway), Spamtitan, etc? I understand ‘layers’ when it comes to different solutions that have different core competencies, but for me, layers doesn’t also follow the addage of knots “If you can’t tie a knot, tie lots”.

I don’t see value in running – say – Ironscales AND Spamtitan if SpamTitan does both by default, unless there was a great weakness with their Phishing daemons.

Interested in what the pros think on ‘monoline’ offerings like Ironscales..

EDIT: I didn’t mention that IS also has phishing campaigns like KnowBe4, but not sure if that makes a big enough delta difference to not be considered in the above assessment.

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  • tweedge

    November 11, 2021


    One of the providers mentioned has had their staff (or an external related party) guerrilla market on this subreddit. Enough so that we have a rule in place which filters comments for even mentioning their name, so we can approve each one manually. Filtering is a neat Reddit feature where you think your post/comment is live, but if you check from a private window or a different account, you don’t see it.

    I had to manually approve this post and will likely need to manually approve most comments. This will slow down discussion, just wait for me to catch up please, I’ll check in frequently.

    And it’d be easy for anyone curious to find out this rule, if you want to comment a couple tests. Just delete the comments afterwards so you don’t spam the comment section please. :)

    Keep in mind that unethical business practices don’t *necessarily* reflect on the quality of the solution offered. But I did buy this provider before and swore never to again after these incidents. So take that as you will.


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