August 30, 2021

Learning Linux

I’m studying cyber security at uni and I understand knowing Linux based OS and knowing the terminal is very important for things like pen testing and reverse engineering malware

I’m also getting a laptop for uni studies so I’ve decided that it may be good to make my primary OS on my laptop for uni a Linux based one to make learning how to use it easier and to force me to be better with the terminal and learn it

I still have my windows PC at home but I was wondering if this is a good way to learn and if anyone else has done it/ has any advice



Linux is so much faster. Package managers are amazing. Bash is so powerfull. Just do it.


Here’s my thinking, do you have any classes that require a specific operating system? If so, you should use that as your main always on your laptop, and then have a virtualBox VM’s for Linux … Kali, etc etc to play with.
But I do agree running Linux is much faster … I would worry if you have a class that states you must use X OS …


I ran into this myself.

Running a Linux distro on you laptop will help you to learn it, but only if you are actually doing things in the terminal.

What really helped me make the leap, was getting a raspberry pi and doing some projects “just to learn”. Stuff like: setting up Pi Hole, DHCP service, remote SSH access SECURELY (be careful with this one), hosting a Minecraft server, etc.

You can do all of this with VM’s on a Windows machine too, fwiw.

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