August 30, 2021

Let go from my first Infosec job.

Today I was fired from my first cyber security job. I had worked for years getting ready for this job and working my way into the cyber security field. I spent thousands of dollars on courses, and gaining knowledge including OSCP, HTB, Tryhack me etc. I started in the technology workforce 4 years ago as a department lead for a software company. Then I moved to helpdesk, and finally to a job in cyber security. My role was to take over the pentesting for the company. While also working the SoC. The reason for being fired was “I had to much of an offensive red team mindset. When working my daily tasks and me wanting to do nmap scans and metasploit and use exploits was not the company’s way of doing things”. How do you hire someone for a pen-testing role and use that for the reasoning for letting me go. Can someone PLEASE make it make sense?



If you didn’t get any coaching beforehand…. There was some other reason and that was the excuse they used


Maybe you can take a look at the scope of the pentest and decide your tools from there. I’m not a pentester though


Dang that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that man. Just means they didn’t value your skills. You’ll find the right employer who will appreciate what you have to offer.


Take it as a positive endorsement for your future job in a red team :)


Unless it’s a cyber company, cyber isn’t the main line of business and is in fact a detractor to the bottom line.

Unfortunately when you’re really good at your job this can become a nuisance to higher ups, you could see it as the more you find the more work is created. Rightfully so, things need to be fixed. But one issue that arises is that work isn’t going towards driving revenue so some dingbat with either a high risk tolerance or a lack of domain knowledge decided to stop you dead in your tracks, reducing the amount of ‘unnecessary’ work. Big win for the higher up, big loss for the company to have you go.

This is a hypothetical guess, management would have valued your time more if you were directly involved with saving their ass on things. Oh look boss I found this and fixed it so we’ll pass audit now is a good way to make people happy.

If you’re a magician who’s expected to pull a rabbit out of a hat for strangers, they don’t have to know your tradecraft and techniques for acquiring the rabbit or loading it into your hat. It makes it more surprising that way. Just keep a white hat about you and take your talents somewhere that will value how you operate. You have the skills and there’s a giant skills shortage. So you’re looking for a job in a high demand market, the odds are in your favor.

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