January 16, 2021

Lightweight, simple antivirus?

I know this has been asked before many times, and I am sorry if it’s a repetitive question.

I am looking for a **light**, simple, non-intrusive antivirus. I tried some before, but they all managed to annoy me to the point I uninstalled them. I tried Kaspersky and BitDefender, but they were both intrusive, gave me a ton of notifications and did a lot of actions without notifying me. They also managed to pick up a lot of false-positives and immediately delete them, without even asking me – Kaspersky did so even **after** I selected the “ask first” option, which made me uninstall it within the first 10 minutes. Kaspersky also made me uninstall Malwarebytes in order to avoid conflicts. A lot of others like Avast and AVG seem to be heavy on performance and that bothers me as well. I see a lot of people seem to be using and recommending Windows Defender + Malwarebytes combo, but honestly I feel like sometimes I just need that extra layer of protection.

Currently I settled for Panda Dome, which seems to be quiet and actually listens to me, except for the occasional “premium discount offer” notification. After some research, seems like Panda is not a very good option. That’s why I am posting here, hoping that somebody will have a good suggestion, as reddit always does.

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