July 12, 2021

Little/no code policy or research related cybersec jobs?

I took a cybersec course in college in the poli sci department which focused on the intersections of technology, politics, and law where we discussed things like how to legally navigate responses to cyber attacks, how the internet can be used as a political tool such as in instances of radicalization through social media, and I became instantly interested in this. I thought “yep this is the kinda thing I wanna do”

I enrolled in a software engineering bootcamp at flatiron (ik it’s not cybersec but I liked the school and they didn’t offer the cybersec program at the time) and right now I am starting to look for jobs. I also did the IBM Cybersec certificate through coursera bc it was free. I did this bc from both my policy internships and cybersec prof (they worked both in tech and law), I decided it’d be best to get first hand exp in tech before trying to do policy related work in the field. Maybe its a little ass backward of a plan but whatever I am here now. I am not interested in doing something like security engineering or pen testing, I’d prefer to work in something more related to policy/compliance.

What are some roles in the cybersec field that I could eventually transition to? What should I be focusing on? One of my pals coworkers spends time researching illicit activities and radical groups on the internet, so something like that would be interesting to me.

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