January 19, 2021

Looking for a book that matches these course descriptions (below) for a “Vulnerability Analysis” college course

I am currently working on my degree in Cybersecurity. For one course I am doing as an independent study, I need to find the textbook(s) that would cover the topics in the course description (this course was never taught in my school since they have just introduced the Cybersecurity program). My school’s course description:

“This course introduces students to software vulnerability discovery and how to overcome identified issues from both a design and implementation perspective. Reverse engineering methodologies such as black, grey, and white box testing and techniques such as fuzzing will be covered. Historical vulnerabilities, corresponding exploits and techniques to minimize exposure and mitigate risk will be covered.”


I have also found a very similar Johns Hopkins University course described below:

Course Title: 695.744—Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Analysis
Link: [https://apps.ep.jhu.edu/course-homepages/3378-695-744-reverse-engineering-and-vulnerability-analysis](https://apps.ep.jhu.edu/course-homepages/3378-695-744-reverse-engineering-and-vulnerability-analysis)

“This course covers both the art and science of discovering software vulnerabilities. Beginning with the foundational techniques used to analyze both source and binary code, the course will examine current threats and discuss the actions needed to prevent attackers from taking advantage of both known and unknown vulnerabilities. The course will cover passive and active reverse engineering techniques in order to discover and categorize software vulnerabilities, create patches and workarounds to better secure the system, and describe security solutions that provide protection from an adversary attempting to exploit the vulnerabilities. Techniques covered include the use of static analysis, dynamic reverse engineering tools, and fault injection via fuzzing to better understand and improve the security of software.”
(Note: I tried clicking the link to find textbook but I could not find that information – I don’t believe the course is currently offered).

Sorry if the post is too long – I had to make sure not to leave out any part of the descriptions.

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