May 14, 2021

Looking for advice on moving up in cybersecurity/IT world


I am a recent graduate with a bachelor’s in CIS with focus in Cyber Security. I am 23 y/o, no wife/kids and I got a break and managed to get a cyber security engineer position for a Fortune 100 company basically straight out after a month stint at Walmart while job searching. I am making 80k( Low COL) and it is great as someone who is single and still living with mom and dad as it is close to work while I save up for a house.

However, recently my boss pulled me aside for my 1:1 and he was asking me what I wanted to do for the future. The company I am in has a really good culture of letting people try and do things even if they may not be qualified. Example: Our packaging engineer has a political science degree. Back on topic, I want to get into people management be it IT or get something which maybe useful in the future. I will most likely get my CISSP as soon as I can but I am wondering as I currently have no certs what should I go for or should I go ahead and get my Masters as the company does do tuition reimbursement and being young I feel it maybe a good time to get it done. What kind of masters should I go for

Thanks for your input



I don’t know about america, but I did a MSc in Government in the UK and now I’m doing one in Computer Sci with Cyber Security; MSc’s tend to be for upper management and certs & gov clearances are much more important for the grunts like us at this stage. I don’t know if anyone else shares my experiences.

Exp: I work with a major defence/aerospace contractor for the UK government

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