May 4, 2021

Losing my current role – picking another.. but which?

Hello friends.

May be boring for many but interesting for some; I’m in a predicament and could use some advice.

I’m from the UK. I started my career in IT at the age of 16 and worked through numerous roles (I will be 29 this year) . I ended up specialising in Infrastructure and EUC. I stayed with the same org for almost 11 years, switched to contracting, finished a contract, started elsewhere, finished a contract but they made me fixed term..

This leads me to a few months into lockdown.. an internal opportunity presented itself and allowed me to move over to the InfoSec team on a permanent basis with no prior information security experience.

In the past year it’s been difficult to fully get to grips with “what more I could be doing” and “how can I view this with a security head, how do I align these requests/projects with the best interests for the business whilst remaining secure” etc..

I fortunately had several months paternity leave which has taken a chunk and whilst working from home, it’s not been easy to shadow anyone and be able to ask questions you could easily do in the office and therefore feel like I haven’t really settled into a security role.

There has been a change in the hierarchy and budget for the InfoSec team which effectively means we’re doubling in size.

I believe I’ve been undertaking a Security analyst role the last 12 months and have now been presented with an opportunity; our existing roles will be no more and we have to apply for one the new roles (HR are on board and it’s all regulated).

The roles I’ve found more interesting are:

– Cloud Security analyst.
– Security operations engineer.
– EUC Security analyst.

I’ve almost ruled out the EUC analyst for the reason being it was something I’ve done for such a long time and almost felt burnt out with the area. Although it is a security aspect I feel as if it wont be challenging enough to keep me switched on.

The cloud security role is mainly around azure and parts of AWS. This role doesn’t have any involvement in DevOps or coding (terraform etc).. which unfortunately is what I’ve seen as a requirement in most cloud security roles. I feel like this role has a good amount of exposure to security and also pushes me back into a more technical hands on role with security being the main aspect.

The security operations engineer role is mainly to be the go between for the InfoSec team and the third party SOC. Transferring over all internal security tool logging, fine tuning and the source and transferring over the SOC. My boss believes this is what he would like me to go for. He believes it offers me the best exposure to security and allows me to dabble in all of it.. that and apparently good SOC engineers get poached by banks 🤣. My personal thoughts is that the role would be amazing IF I was working for a SOC, not working as a delegate between my company and a third party SOC.

Had I have been working in the Security industry for longer (perhaps several years) I feel I would have a lot more confidence towards picking a long term plan, then being able to understand how to work towards it…

I have been sitting on the decision for several weeks and need to make a decision by COP tomorrow. If anyone could offer any guidance or suggestions I would really appreciate it. Feel free to ask any questions!

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