July 8, 2021

‘Lowball’ salary offer for my dream job?

Hey reddit, this is my first post so let me know if I’m doing it right.

I recently got an offer for a fully remote, junior red team position – complete with physical on-prem engagements and everything.

The interview process lasted months, and I really have enjoyed everything I’ve heard about the company – but going into it, after speaking with a couple different team members (including a manager) I was led to believe the salary would be in the 70s to 90s.

Then I meet with HR and they said they are looking to pay $60,000. While it’s more than I’m making now, the national average salary is $70,000 for this position AND I live in the DC area with a very high CoL.

I asked for $70k which in my opinion is more than fair, but they said that was going to be ‘hard to do’. This is my dream job, and I don’t want to come off as greedy but I want a ‘forever’ type of position where I don’t feel compelled to find better opportunities six months in. Additionally, I don’t want to feel ‘unvalued’ as an employee before I even start by being paid below market rate.

Am I being crazy? It does feel like I might be looking a gift horse in the mouth a bit



How much previous experience do you have in infosec? Are you learning more than contributing?
There aren’t many junior red team work which could be hard to see a fair wage. You might have to use job for experience


Sounds low to me. I worked for one of the major MSSPs and I’m pretty sure our guys started at $90K and that was with bare minimum experience. That was also not based on location.

EDIT: I didn’t really think this through before posting. First we didn’t do “junior” positions there and beyond that we had a really high bar as they only wanted to hire “elite” level folks for those roles so that should be considered.


Its a junior position so it’s not unheard of.

Same pretty much happened to me as I graduated last year and received a CSIRT position. That’s well under the average in regards to pay. But it’s exactly the position I wanted.

My thinking is 2 years experience would allow me to transfer to another company easily within the same position, compared to taking a higher pay but a position in like Risk assessment and trying to get the position later.

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