September 4, 2021

Make sure you know your worth

As a reference, I have CISSP, CASP, and, of course, Security +. I’ve also been in this field for almost a decade, so not a great deal of time, but also not a beginner.

That’s why it is so *insulting* to have some random job recruiter email me and offer “$13.50/h + up to $1.50/h differential” based off of them looking at my resume. This shit SPECIFICALLY is why the field is having trouble finding applicants, and why we are struggling under attack-after-attack nation wide in the U.S. This is a highly technical job that takes years of study/practice/experience/education to become an expert, *plus* the continuing education that is required to stay current in the field (not to mention keeping the certificates). And these people think that it will suffice for a *Call Center role for $13.50/hr!?!*

The U.S. needs a wake-up call as to what constitutes a reasonable salary for cybersecurity, and why paying the professionals is important. And if they don’t catch up, we are going to keep seeing attack after attack, all of which are easily preventable, and all of which are devastating in nature. This refusal to adjust to the new environment is going to cripple so many.





…you do realize when their automated system says “your profile really stood out to me,” nobody actually reviewed, right? You could have a neuroscience PhD and a Nobel Prize and you’ll still get these, as long as you’re signed up for Indeed (which is why I’m *not* signed up for Indeed, btw).

This isn’t part of security hiring problems – this is just volumetric hiring for customer service roles. That’s not to say there aren’t hiring problems in security, but this specifically doesn’t seem to be one of them, unless you have a bunch of omitted communication from them about how this is a super sweet role for someone with security interests/experience.


I heavily criticized my last CEO for offering entry level rates or $26/hr, I can’t imagine someone offering $13.50. I sincerely hope no one falls for that and that company should be shamed across social media.

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