March 25, 2021

Master Thesis argument/current challenges about Cybersecurity

Hello everyone :)

I am an college student of Cybersecurity and simultaneously working as a pentester in consulting firm.

I have started thinking about the topic of my master project, which is to last 6 months to 9 months. At the suggestion of several colleagues and mentors, I have decided not to accept proposals from teachers but to search for a topic of my own, on something that I am passionate about and that can lead to future developments and steps.

Unfortunately, I can not find the right topic that convinces me, also accomplice to the fact that I like almost everything about security, from defensive cybersec as Forensics, Threat Modeling, Forensics to Offensive, such as Penetration Test, Red Team, Malware Analysis.

The thesis project must have a starting problem, like a challenge that is being faced nowadays, and I must be able to offer a solution.

The current topics that I am interested in are ransomware and NFTs, I am actually studying if I can pose these topics in the form of research.

I wanted to ask the Thread (and pretty much **TL;DR**):

What are the topics in trend that you are interested in? What do you think are the most interesting challenges being studied these days?

One of my mentor was talking, for instance of what I want to mean about Challenges, about Signal and his current difficulties on sharing keys in a group without less of privacy and security, and he thought that could be an interesting thesis a risk analysis/threat modeling on that challenge.

Clearly I don’t expect you to suggest a thesis topic, but I would simply like to understand what the community is most interested in and see if a particular topic makes me fall in love, since I feel the need to see the spark go off, and unfortunately I’m having a hard time not being able to flow into one topic, being afraid of making the wrong choice.

Thanks to anyone who wants to give me a simple opinion and sorry for the Wall of text :)

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