June 15, 2021

Masters degree in IT/Cybersecurity

Masters Degree in Cybersecurity

Hello everyone! I recently wanted a career change, I am 24 so I’m fairly young and i have a BS in business management. So I have no prior IT background.I had the option to goto a boot camp for cybersecurity at rice university for 15k and get all the certs and knowledge or get my Masters-degree in IT focusing on cyber security.

I chose to get my master and so far I’m loving it, I’m in the 3rd week of my first class and it’s just an intro to IT. But soon i will get into my specialization classes (cyber security) and will the knowledge i learn in class be enough for me to get an entry level job? One of my professors recommend that the first Cert i should try and get is Security + and then once i get experience i should get CISSP. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations?

Also i have another year and a half before i will be done with my masters so what should be doing right now to prepare my self for a career in IT/ cybersecurity. I currently have a job but i would love to try and find an internship or entry level job in IT so i can get prepared for my career.
Thank you so much !



The masters degree is absolutely not going to get you an entry level job in cyber security if you don’t have the skillset to go with it.

Figure out what you want to do- cybersecurity is a huge field and pen testing has a different path than compliance or forensics or network architecture or threat hunting.

So get an idea where you want to go and then start building toward that. Security+ and Network+ are both good things to look into to start. CISSP is good once you’re moving a bit in the field.

But it’s the skillset that’s going to get you in the door. Be able to do the things that the job wants. Practice doing them even if it’s just on your own machine or home network/lab.


You’ll need to develop technical skills on the side as well as certs.

I recommend getting network+, security+ and possibly some AWS cloud certs CCP, and associate cloud solution architect.

While also learning a programming language, python is the best.

Then setup a home lab and play with security tools, lots have few trials.

Then I’d you still have time take a ethical hacking course, I recommend The Cyber Mentors course, will teach you some python and general hacking, which is just a good skill.

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