May 20, 2021

Masters in Cyber Security, 2022

Hey everyone,

I’m a computer science undergrad going into my final year soon, looking to do a masters in cyber security.
Yes, I’ve seen people advising others on how it’s experience that matters in cyber security and a masters won’t provide them with any boost in their immediate career. But in my country, security not seen a fundamental field yet, so, my opportunities are extremely limited, so going to a university in a foreign country is my best chance of getting to where I want to be in a few years.

**My profile at present is:**

I have a decent GPA atm, 8.9/10 (with three semesters to go), and hold a Certified Penetration Tester Certificate from a local Academy. I’ll be giving my CCNA soon, and probably do an RHCSA afterwards. Started the first CTF and security group in my college, and that’s going pretty well. Under a startup Cybersecurity firm, I am the founding member of a Cyber Security community that has over 60 members and we are actively carrying out trainings and national level events. Presently I’m a part of the R&D Management team for the same.
Have a 2 month internship experience and should probably be able to get one more by the time I apply (this fall).


Planning to apply for a masters in US and UK.

In USA, my choices at the moment are:

1. CMU – ambitious and expensive
2. USC – expensive
3. NEU – my favorite choice
4. Columbia (CS – Security track) – profs looked amazing

In UK, my choices are:

1. Imperial College – ambitious
2. UCL – Heard a lot of great stuff about the information security department there
3. Warwick – Had a chat with a prof, seemed nice
4. Manchester
5. Royal Holloway – 1 year Internship program

Another choice I have in mind is applying for a Cyber Security Graduate program at the Big4 in the UK, their requirements aren’t demanding but I don’t know if they’ll sponsor a VISA (they say they do on the website). If I do get in, I’ll probably take this over a masters degree.

Am I doing the right thing? Please give me your view on my decisions so far.
Should I consider another path? If yes, please tell me about the same.
It would be great if you could suggest any other uni I may have missed out.

Thank you for your time.

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