April 17, 2021

Mauritian Govt wants to regulate the use and addressing the abuse and misuse of Social Media in Mauritius

Hi all,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this, it is really important to the citizens of Mauritius.

At this point in time, the Information & Communication Technologies Authority of Mauritius have published a proposal of how they want to regulate the use of social media in Mauritius.

Link is here: https://www.icta.mu/docs/2021/Social_Media_Public_Consultation.pdf

They are asking for feedback from citizens on different aspects until the 5th May 2021. This is where I would like your help.

The questions are below:

14.1 What are your views on the present approach of self-regulation of
social networks by social media administrators themselves where
they decide to remove an online content or not based on their own
usage policy and irrespective of your domestic law?

14.2 Do you think that the damage caused by the excesses and abuses of
social networks to social cohesion warrants a different approach from
the self-regulatory regime presently being enforced by social media
administrators themselves?

14.3 What are your views on the overall proposed operational framework
in terms of the
• National Digital Ethics Committee (NDEC)
• Enforcement Division
which is intended to bring more clarity to section 18 (m) of the ICT
Act, where the ICTA is mandated to take steps to regulate or curtail
the harmful and illegal content on the Internet and other information
and communication services.

14.4 What are your views on the proposed legal amendments to the ICT
Act to give legal sanctity and enforcement power to the NDEC?

14.5 What are your views on the proposed modus operandi of the NDEC?

14.6 What are your suggestions on the safeguard measures to be placed
for the NDEC?

14.7 What are your views on the use of the technical toolset, especially
with respect to its privacy and confidentiality implications when
enforcing the mandatory need to decrypt social media traffic?

14.8 Can you propose an alternative technical toolset of a less intrusive
nature which will enable the proposed operational framework to
operate in an expeditious, autonomous and independent manner
from the need to request technical data from social media

14.9 Should the Courts be empowered to impose sentences (which include banning use of social media) on persons convicted of offences relating
to misuse of social media tools?

Please help guide n00b me how I could potentially answer those questions in order to ensure we can protect our rights to privacy.

Thank you!

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