September 13, 2021

McAfee Total Protection 2021, 3 Device Antivirus Internet Security Software, Password Manager, Privacy, 1 Year Subscription — Download Code

The best Internet security programs against trojans, ransomware, spyware and other online threats, tested and reviewed by our experts. By clicking on the product name in the list below you can easily get updated prices, technical specs and additional info about each product.

There are countless security threats on the internet that could impact devices. Antivirus programs are designed to protect against these threats, which include the likes of phishing attacks, ransomware, and malware.

Phishing attacks use nefarious means to gather a person’s personal information. An example of this would be a website that is made to look exactly like a bank’s website, with the goal of stealing the login information for a user’s online banking service. Some antivirus programs can analyze links and files to make sure that users do not fall for these phishing attacks.

Mcafee is designed to shut down a device or cripple its ability to perform until a ransom is paid to remove those restrictions. A strong antivirus program will prevent the ransomware from taking over the device so that users never have to choose between getting a new device or paying the ransom to unlock their current device.

Malware is more of a catch-all term, as there are many different types of malware. Programs like trojan horses and spyware fall into this category, as they can be used to track users’ keystrokes to gain personal information or install another malicious programming onto a device.[**Click here for more detials**](

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