January 14, 2021

Microsoft access database for password keeping?

Hey everyone!
Just to be short…
I don’t trust at all password protectors/generators etc… to keep my passwords. Paid, not really… open source not-online perhaps a tiny bit.

I currently keep all my passwords inside mc access tables. Again, I don’t trust any advertised password storage containers, online, downloaded or anything else. OFC I don’t save my passwords on a Google/Chrome or Firefox browser/account.
I’m a tiny bit paranoid.
So I am asking you… Is it safe / ok or bad to have passwords inside database tables specifically in Microsoft Access locked/pass protected and on top winrar password protection ? I generally like it this way because of ease of use for example I have 20 Gmail accounts each with only one purpose for a site / app / game.

Please suggest any thoughts but I mostly would like your opinion only on Microsoft access. No other use, only copy paste. I will never use the following: external password encryption software or a combo with plain .txt files and bitlocker. I would buy a hardware locking flash drive, but I don’t want to carry it with me…
Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance



Your insistence to use the most unsuitable product for password keeping is strange to me.

Just because you didn’t download ms access but already have it doesn’t mean it’s not some downloaded software…

Did you try keepass2 ?


Complicated but you’re fine. Just make sure you back it up, periodically.

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