September 9, 2021

Might’ve ran a bad installer when I first got the PC. Am I infected?

So, I installed RogueKiller just as I got my PC to scan for malware. It reported none. I found the installer in my ‘downloads’ folder which I never use and thought “Hey, what if I throw this through virus total”? Sure enough, the execution parents have a shitton of [detections](, whereas a [newer]( one does not. Both installers also have different Digital Signatures- one has “Adlice ({Some name I forgot})” and the other just has “Adlice”.

I’m not sure if I’m just flatout paranoid at this point or if I might’ve accidentally fucked myself while trying to be safe. I’ve been using Kaspersky Security Cloud the whole time I had this windows installation and it never found any malware. I also recently stared using Malwarebytes as a second opinion scanner, it also has found nothing.

Hell, I’m now even concerned that I might have a fake version of Security Cloud as, recently, there was a post with a virus total on its installer. It has 2 confirmed digital signatures on it and it’s usually up to date, so I don’t think it’s a fake, but is it? Is there any certain way to know?

Am I just really paranoid about malware or am I infected?



The execution parents are in no way related to the file you upload, litteraly any file you upload had execution parentd with tons of detections

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