May 1, 2021

Military and cyber security – worth it?

I’m in the 2nd year of computer engineering and I want to pursue cyber security. I have professor who has worked for a while with the military and he has many contacts from those days and said it helped kickstart his career and meet a lot of people. He said it let him work with brand new technology at the time in my country that very few people knew how to use.

I asked him if it was worth it to join the military to progress in this field but he said no. Didn’t explain why.

What do you think? I’ve been considering it for after I finish my Msc in a few years.



Depends on the situation. From my experience it’s not so much what you get to do in the military which can be quite siloed and limited, but that they’ll pay for your education after.


Pretty sure SF, AF, Army, or Navy will train you in essentially cyber security (even in reserve/national guard) and will land you a clearance. And will likely pay for your tuition. I did not do this unfortunately. Am learning Cyber Security on my own.

Every Cyber security podcast I’ve listened to about the beginnings of cyber security in the 80s and 90s the guests started in the Navy iirc. Army started their cyber security MOS relatively recently.

If you can swear an oath to the Constitution and its ideals of individual liberty I don’t see why you shouldn’t.



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