January 14, 2021

My iPhone 7 has been hacked. How do I know for sure if it was and if hacked, how do I find out who hacked it?

My iPhone has been been glitching out, getting excessively hot, battery life drains quicker, etc. In Safari, when I input a real website, I can see the interception of redirecting to a bogus site. Or if I search in the browser, fake websites come up with similar looks and the synopsis would be something clearly intended for me and specific to me. The thumbnails in the search results page are tinier with amateur graphics.

Messenger is another hall of wax. When I talk on the phone on WiFi, it will cut out and have weird like dial up sounding latency on the person on the other end. The screen will flash at odd times. The typing is significantly delayed.

Also the data runs out quickly. There’s a phone mirroring icon on my control center but I’m not sure if that’s for casting to personal computer or tv.

One example of a site that I was redirected to: I typed in numerology.com but in loading the site, it got redirected to a site that was named different and appeared to have poor graphics and each paragraph would be personal to me but in a kind of messed up way. It’s like phishing or spam, perhaps?

My gmail is acting so weird too. When sending to certain individuals,it can take up to 3 – 5 minutes for the email to send. And I’m getting hammered with spam there.

Anyway, does this sound like spyware or perhaps just domino effect of security breaches between the apps, allowing hackers the opportunity to slip in there?

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