January 12, 2021

My OnlyFans Account was hacked, twice!

Fellow Redditors: keeping this topic alive by sharing that this morning I learned that my account was automatically closed by OnlyFans due to suspicious activity yesterday. Here’s what the email said:

Onlyfans Support Update (OnlyFans)
Jan 12, 2021, 3:05 GMT+2

We regret to inform you that your account and all the associated information have been erased from our system. Accounts are typically being deleted due to suspicious/fraudulent activity, issuing a chargeback claim, creating multiple profiles or due to violating the Acceptable Use policy in any other way. Unfortunately, we are not able to override this automatic process. Please see more details in the 4th paragraph of our Terms.

Support Updates


This happened because I went to buy a subscription yesterday and was asked to enter my credit card number. I went through all the steps. Then when the site was authenticating the card number, I got booted out of the site. Then I went to log back in and found that my password/email combo suddenly weren’t working. I tried to do a “forgot password” 4x!! But never got the email. I went ahead and reported the new card as stolen and am having a new card sent back. No suspicious charges found, yet.

Late last year I also was hacked and multiple purchases were made with my then old card. I disputed all the fraud. My bank refunded me all the money. I got a new card number. Back then I thought it was one of the slimy performers that had take advantage of me.

But after doing a web search with just “onlyfans hacked” as the keywords, I can see multiple people have experienced this all of 2020, and that it wasn’t the performers but the shitty security features of onlyfans site itself.

Hope this info helps others.

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