January 3, 2021

Need advice from people in the know

Hey everyone, im starting at ground zero here. Im 30 and im working a dead end job that really isnt helping my resume much. Im thinking about possibly switching careers and was looking into cyber security as i see that as a highly wanted job in the future. A problem of mine is that i already have a Bachelors degree (which is completely useless) in an unrelated field. Im still paying off my student loans from that and i dont think i have the time or money to go back to a standard university to get a degree in a computer related field. I did however look into my local technical college and saw they offer a 750 hour course for an affordable price range. It looks like after it is all said and done i will obtain a Sec+ certificate.

So here’s my question. Is this course likely to get me a job in the field or is it going to be like the issue i ran into with my Bachelors degree of “nice degree kid, but where is your years of experience”?



Your irrelevant degree isn’t anything to cause you to delay. Mine was in slavic languages – which, as you can tell, is a highly valued skill for . . cyber.

I started out with network and OS management (admittedly, a hundred years ago when storage used a gramophone needle). You have the advantage of now of taking certification courses, like A+, Security+, Network+ to help you along your way.

Supporting your local community college is good, too. There’s a lot of demand, and it will take time and patience. But, what you may want to do is scour the ads on the sites that reference Sec+ and write your resume completely in line with these ads: same terminology, all the apps and OSes they reference that you have gained experienced with.

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