May 16, 2021

Need Advice on Next Steps for Cybersecurity Career

**TLDR**: I have a B.S. in I.T. with a focus on Networking and Cybersecurity. Currently getting uneducational general IT gigs – How do I break into a more direct cybersecurity job?

# Background:

I finally achieved my B.S. in I.T. while focusing my electives on Networking and Cybersecurity last May. I volunteered for a school’s Tier 1 Helpdesk that ran the school of engineering & comp sci’s IT infrastructure for 2 years, but I really struggled to practice my technical skills because I was not doing well in school. I am currently finishing up my first real IT contract at a Microsoft shop in healthcare, in a tier 2-3 position. So I have 2.5 years of IT experience, but I **really** want to get into a more cybersecurity focused role, but have such little experience and practice with security-focused tools, and I forgot a lot of what I went over in class because I’m not actively practicing it.

# Future Goals:

I wish to move out of the US, but I also want to become a CISO at some point in my life (I like the responsibiility of being a leader & it’s cybersecurity).

# Now:

As I stated before, I really want a job more focused in cybersecurity, and my IT contract is coming to an end. So I’m not sure where to focus my time:

1. Study for security+ certification.
2. Practice my security skills with some sort of online tool such as Hackthebox (although I’m not sure if I’m sold on becoming a pen-tester).
3. Just focus on applying for an entry-level security job with what little skills/experience I have now.

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