January 10, 2021

Need guidance in choosing the right domain in cybersecurity

Hello to all the people in this community. I wanted to switch my career to Cybersecurity. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in a completely different field. But now I getting real interest to work in the security field. I have read many blogs but I am not able to figure out which field I want to go in as all of them seem to be somewhat similar. For example, in cybersecurity, there are domains like

– Security Engineer

– Chief Information Security Officer

– Security Analyst

– Computer Forensics

– Security Consultant

– Digital Forensics

– Cryptographer

– Security Administrator

– Penetration Tester

– Security Software Developer

– Security Specialist

– Security Code Auditor

– Security Architect

– Malware Analyst

– Data Protection Officer

– Cybercrime Investigator

– Cryptanalyst

– Security Incident Responder

– Chief Privacy Officer

– Risk Manager

I am very confused about how do I choose the domain and what certifications are needed to get into that field. Hence I require your guidance on how to analyze these roles so that I can decide what I exactly want.

Thank you in advance



Those are quite different from one another and deciding which one interests you is a personal decision that no one can make for you. I recommend just doing more reading on what each role encompasses while figuring out why you are interested in cybersecurity in the first place to determine which direction you should go in. If all of these roles seem nearly the same to you, you just haven’t read enough about them. There is no right decision.

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