April 9, 2021

Need help with malware telling me hackers are going to come to my house.

So backstory I was being a teenager downloading song rips when suddenly as I start moving one file I see a folder named *“dat files”*. I open it and all it contains is a dat file saying “we’re coming_0_0”. As you could tell I was and am reasonably freaked out by it. This happened around 30 minutes ago.

I check on it’s properties and it tells me it’s been sitting in my pc since february 8th or something (maybe april) and just now today april 9th I “accessed” it. Windows tells me it comes from another computer so it blocked it but I opened it with the notes app and it just has two weird ? Symbols with a greater than (<) symbol between them so no spooky code.

Im checking websites to see if I’m hacked when low and behold a computer appears in my network and my main C:/ files are looking weird with weird lettering sort of like “**=0fhsb0ha’habvfb**” or something along those lines. I nope the fuck out and try to find a system restore point which is what I am currently doing now and have done.

Now what? Could it be erased? Is it just some bull? Are hackers actually going to come for me? Idk.



Sounds more like youre being paranoid.

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