April 4, 2021

Need some career advice with IT/Cybersecurity

So quick summary, I’m currently a senior studying computer engineering and I will be graduating this December from university. I had recently started talking to a couple of friends of mine who are in the field of IT (not so much cybersecurity) and I began to ask them, what are some positions I can be qualified to apply for. Long story short, I had a very big “rude awakening” and was told by both of them that out of college I would have to apply as a desktop support position to get my foot in the door for a cybersecurity job. Now I’m not saying that desktop support is a bad job nor that is my intention, but i am very confused and I guess you could say feeling unmotivated at the fact that when I get out of college I would have to apply to a job that I could have applied for without a degree. The job position I had in mind was getting a job as a level 1 network engineer and start there but being told by two people that I would have to start at the very bottom is kind of disheartening because I basically wasted 6 years in college when I could have used those years to start as desktop support.


My question is, was the information I was told about my friends correct? would I have to start as a desktop support or are there other routes that I could take or can I apply as a level 1 Network engineer out of college?

What are your thought and inputs/opinions? let me know please

Quick little resume of me

I have a CompTIA ITF+ and a Network+ cert, I have taken Computer network and computer security courses in school and I have been learning about IT for 3 years already, I’m no expert but I know the theory of it. I have also bought some udemy courses on ethical hacking and network security and know how to use popular tools like wireshark, nmap, aircrack-ng, etc

My intention for this post is not to trash a certain job position I just want to make that very clear that’s not what I intend to do but I want to know other peoples experiences and see if there’s anyone that I could relate to. Thank you for reading this post I appreciate you taking your time to read my rant.

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