July 21, 2021

Need some idea for implementing extra features alongside with a port scanner I am making in Python

By all means lets clear somethings up, this is not for malicious purposes an merely for education. I have background in programming in C# and other scripting languages. Currently, at my capstone for a degree and plan to go back for Cybersecurity. My intentions are all positive.

Recently I just made a pretty cool salt hasher that splits every other character of a salt and combines it with the 512 hashed password for every alternate character and dumps it into a database (*yes an access db, yeah I know, weak*), The salt cant be extracted as well. I just got into socket programming and trying to build a portfolio so that someday someone will see it and provide me a reliable career.

Yes, you’re probably suggesting I go to the python programming section of this site, however, my questions targets the opinions of the security professionals 🤔 But, its not a programming question, its a feature question that will aid my understanding of what the potentials of a port scanner can do.

Aside from being directed using nmap to accomplish tasks,, I could really care less about what it has to offer, but probably the best to see what it does off to give me ideas. But, I want to know from you as that what would benefit you from a port scanner if you made one. What specific implementations would you make if you had no accessibility from nmap?

Please nothing malicious



So you are looking to gather ideas for a scanner? Unauthenticated vulnerability detection is the cream of the crop when it comes to my job (Vulnerability Management). Qualys and Tenable are the 2 big players in the scanning space.

If your scanner is able to detect vulnerable versions of a piece of software and correlate it with a CVE, that would be a cool project. Maybe even do automatic vulnerability chaining.

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