Hey guys, regarding this post I made about two weeks ago, I asked about my Gmail being hacked in the comments, I got a lot of different responses

Anonymous voicemail freaking me out from antivirus

But I have one particular question at this point and am just looking for a direct answer to that, nothing more. Has enough time passed for Google not to freak out and give me another chance to revive my account?
Because its always asking me to send a new code to my number, or saying it will send a notification to my device so I can revive it after being hacked.
I still have the password, I don’t believe the password has been changed, somehow. Maybe it’s not hacked? Idk. Because when I try to recover it, I successfully log in. It just tells me to do the 2fa and it either takes too damn long to send or it never sends.
Just super confused with what to do here

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  • rainbowskittles89

    November 6, 2021

    And I pressed where it says it will send to my number too many times to the point where it wouldn’t send them anymore. But it’s been two weeks now and I haven’t touched it. So I’m just curious if I could maybe work with it now is all


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