April 5, 2021

Negotiating salary and no reply back?

So I received an offer letter last Wednesday that is due this Wednesday. On Thursday, they reached out to me asking when I’d make my decision(as I said I needed a couple days). On Thursday afternoon, I sent an email saying I’m excited for it and looking forward to accepting it but then attempted a salary negotiation. I politely brought it up in the email and at the end of the email, I asked them to please let me know their thoughts on it so we can finalize the offer letter. Well, that was sent on Thursday and it’s Monday afternoon here, and I’ve still received nothing back. The offer letter is due this Wednesday. Should I be worried?



Friday was a holiday for a lot of companies. Also, keep in mind that salary negotiation may be above the paygrade of the recruiter you’re working with and it may need to be escalated for approval.


Just send a follow-up email. Keep it short, simple, professional. Also since *you’re* waiting on *them* politely turn the deadline back on them. Something like:

“In an effort to respect your deadline of Wednesday, I’m reaching back out to you concerning my requested salary adjustment that I sent on Thursday. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. If you need more time than this Wednesday to consider, don’t hesitate to let me know.”


One week to decide? **Yikes**. That stinks of bad practices – I’ve never had less than two weeks to negotiate and decide. Is this USA or elsewhere?

On that kind of timeline though I’d be emailing today with a polite note. Especially if you won’t take the job otherwise; this is their only way to retain you as a candidate.

If they don’t respond by tomorrow night and you would take the job at currently salary level… I guess GLHF, do what you gotta do, but that wouldn’t be a point in their favor if I was looking for a job.

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