April 3, 2021

Network/internet help

So, i decided to look at my router page after a long long while. I looked at my firewall logs and.. lets just say it wasn’t pretty. My internet has been axted weird the past few months. Internet bars on my phone hopping from 4 bars to 5 every 5 minutes, pages like reddit loading a bit longer, etc. I ran an f-secure router scan which came clean. This is still really concerning as the firewall logs scared me. If you look at my other recent post on this subreddit, you can recall me talking about an unknown ExpressVPN being found on my laptop without me ever installing it. I had ran it and it worked like a VPN. But it was weird. Won’t go into detail, its on the other post. That might be dodgy to my WiFi too. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?

PS, on scarce occasions the bars even drop to 3. But thats pretty rare



i think your bars dropping doesn’t have any correlation to any type of threat. firewall logs are going to show a lot of things, even if you’re just browsing the internet. if you haven’t been on any shady sites, haven’t been a dick online, and haven’t done anything stupid, i’d say you’re fine. this is just my opinion though, i may be incorrect and others may view this differently.

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