July 12, 2021

Never had an interview process such as this…4 rounds? Red flag or no?

Good afternoon,

I’ve been in IT Security for 13 years, CISSP certified, and have yet to experience a interview experience such as this. I’m torn between how many interviews are enough. I think of it as security in general…how much is too much? Just enough…not too little, not too much.

I’ve had the following interviews.

1. Recruiter – overview of resume, history, position, requirements, etc.
2. HR – overview of resume, history, typical “Tell me about a time when…”, “how would you handle X situation.”
3. Technical – 4 person back to back to back to back interviews. Specific how would you manage this situation. What would you do for us if we had this issue, etc. Very specific scenarios.
4. Just requested by HR today. And this is where it’s new to me. They want me to come on-site to prepare a presentation for a panel on a specific Security solution. “If we wanted to select a building in X city for a new office, what would you assess security prior to the contract for the building and then how would you protect intellectual property after the contract is signed.”

My hesitation is…Jesus…how many interviews is enough? If they haven’t made up their mind by now, what is one more going to do? I hesitate also by wondering what they would be like to work for day to day.

Has anyone had experience such as this? How did it turn out?



I work for a midsized accounting firm in the midwest as a cybersecurity consultant. My company is fanatical about their culture, and I had **ELEVEN** total interviews in four or five rounds before I was offered a position.


Sounds way to detailed to be part of the normal interview process. Almost like they want someone to do this work for free under the guise of a job opening.

Unless this was some huge company paying well over 6 figures it wouldn’t be worth my time to continue. I’ve turned jobs down because the interview process was taking too long. I was on my 6th phone interview at one startup and finally said enough is enough. If you can’t get multiple people in the org on a interview call at the same time. It probably means you’re severely short staffed.


I’d pass. I’m normally on their side interviewing candidates and think that anything that interviewees say, do or act is a reflection of how they’ll be when or if they work for me. So if they show up late with excuses or reschedule many times…it’s a red flag for me.

If the process is this frustrating and cumbersome already then imagine actually working for them.

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