April 13, 2021

*NIGHTMARISH* First job.. what do I do?

I’m 20 years old and I’m a SOC Analyst in either: Maryland, DC or Virginia (some anonymity needed, but I’m in one of those very-expensive-to-live-in-areas). (Rent is $1100 minimum for reference.)

I have my associates in Cybersecurity, A+/Security+ and personal projects such as CTF participation, Linux/Cisco Machines/Webservers/Pentesting/Java etc.

Two months ago, after 158 job applications I landed a role as a SOC Analyst. I was offered $35,000, which I negotiated up to $40,000.

Yeah, that’s a terrible salary, I know, but it gets better trust me.

My boss, the CEO of the company, is a nutcase. I was threatened with termination two weeks into the role after I asked him politely not to make snarky comments to me during company meetings. He frequently calls me into the office to tell me how shit of a job I’m doing and to make comments like “You think you’re better than me??” “Are you testing me??” “Fuck you!”

When I come into the office in the morning I’m singlehandedly responsible for clearing 6,000 tickets. If I mess up even one I’ll be sworn out by CEO man. We have this many because we lie to our customers and say we’re a 24 hour SOC when we aren’t.

The rest of the day is me and two other analysts keeping our massive queue under control as we keep taking on new customers without hiring anyone else or offering raises. There’s no tuning done so alerts are 99% bullshit and there’s absolutely no incentive for ANYONE to grow the company because growth only hurts the employees. There’s no commission for our sales people, and growth only means more work.

Employees have come forward to me and told me things like how they sometimes cry at work because of how Boss man treats them. My three coworkers have been here for 2-3 years, one is my supervisor and I make more than all of them!! They only make $35,000 and they are Pentesters and Security analysts! Our boss drives a $90k car and meanwhile our Threat Hunter is talking about taking a 2nd job at Macy’s to pay the bills…

I don’t do a bad job. In fact, my direct supervisor likes me a lot. I get the office ready in the morning, turn the equipment on, do 6,000 tickets then talk with customers on the phone, deliver packages, incident response, threat hunts, ship out devices, in fact most days I forget to take my lunch break because I’m so busy! If my CEO wasn’t such a terrible person, and I got paid a bit more I’d love this job!

Meanwhile, everyone is super depressed and hates working here. I am in the negative for PTO already because I took 3 half days for doctors visits. I hate it here.. but I can’t find other work. I’ve been interviewing with other companies and I absolutely nail the interviews but there’s always someone with more experience than me. It’s really sad because I spend weeks interviewing with a company, doing PERFECTLY only to lose to someone else.

This is my first job.. and I thought I was lucky to get into Cybersecurity right out of college, but I hate it. I hate how I was lied to by all my professors and teachers, they all said Cybersecurity was a guaranteed job, but it’s just been an awful experience for me.. I legit do not know what to do. I’m seriously contemplating leaving the industry entirely.

tl;dr landed a job as a SOC Analyst but it’s literally a shitshow with an abusive CEO and I can’t find another job.



Either report your company to the authorities or try to find evidence and expose the company, either way, you’ll be able to get compensation or get job offers elsewhere

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