June 4, 2021

Not sure what to do. Was attempting to get Kali Linux for Linux Basics for Hackers, and iso image for Art of Exploitation books.

Total noob here trying to learn more about linux, computers, and hacking in general. I attempted multiple different ways of getting kali linux to run on my computers. I tried putting kali onto virtual box and failing that, onto a USB stick for live boot. I got it working on virtual box eventually. Then I noticed that my iso for Hacking and the Art of Exploitation iso on the same virtual box quit working, so stayed up all night trying to get things going again.

I downloaded kali from what i thought was the kali.org website. I redownloaded the Art of Exploitation using qbittorent as that’s what the publisher, No Starch suggested. I also used Rufus to burn a couple iso to USB trying to get things to work.

Anyways, we received warnings early this morning showing we were being attacked from multiple countries. I got to looking at Windows defender, and it had detected attacks last night, but supposedly quarantined and stopped them. However, windows defender was making those claims around 2:30 AM. We received warning of attacks at around 6:30 AM, making me think windows didn’t really stop everything.

I have imgur links to pics of what Windows identified, but read that no pics allowed here. But will provide if I interpreted that rule wrong. So, I’m asking what steps I need to take next. Funny I screwed myself just because I wanted to learn about this stuff.

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